Canadian Sleep Consultants A Comprehensive Physician based Sleep Medicine Clinic Welcome to Canadian Sleep Consultants   Canadian Sleep Consultants is a comprehensive sleep medical clinic with an  experienced multi-disciplinary sleep team led by W. Jerome Alonso, MD. The  sleep team includes our sub-specialty trained sleep physician, a sub-  specialty trained sleep surgeon, a pediatrician, sleep technologists and  support staff that are intensively focused on sleep medicine care. We have  collaborated with a specialty trained psychologist in establishing our non-  medication based online cognitive behavioural therapy program for  insomnia. Our goal is to manage sleep disorders as part of the collective  whole of the patient and their health - and not to focus on  compartmentalized conditions.  © Canadian Sleep Consultants 2014 Sleep Disorders We manage the full spectrum of sleep disorders.  Seek the professional advice of our sleep physician to diagnose and manage  sleep disturbances including insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep walking, sleep  deprivation, restless legs syndrome, excessive daytime sleepiness, jet lag and  shift work sleep disorder. Get the sleep you deserve and understand why it is necessary for your optimal  health and wellness.  To start your clinical and/or technical pathway to better sleep visit services   page.  Sleep Better Health. Better Lifestyle